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Hello! We are Jack, Krista, Mack, Coy and Cy Sampson. You will see the boys in the store quite a bit, sometimes helping, other times practicing their latest wrestling moves on each other. Our ranch sits on the Oklahoma/Missouri border and we raise beef cattle. We believe strongly in not using hormones and routine antibiotics with our animals. Feeding our kids beef we have raised, and eggs and milk bartered or bought from our neighbors is something we love. Our community has come to mean so much to us and we are thrilled to share these resources with you! Jack has a passion for nutrition and Krista has a background as a registered nurse, while raising three boys we have realized the value of quality nutrition! This year has been difficult for all of us, as the old saying goes when one door closes....  #forageyourfood

Why Forage

Specialty Items: Organic, non-Gmo & Gluten Free Products

Committed to you 
& our community 

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